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Competency trainer at Luminus Education – Amman

Job Description

1)      Work closely with the competency manager and the competency coordinator to discuss tasks, plans, training sessions and evaluation sessions.
2)      Attend selected meetings that are related to all systems
3)      Receive continuous feedback from the competency manager on how training should be conducted, the kind of knowledge that is being presented, and the method of conducting the training and how will evaluations be implemented and assessed.
4)      Seek assistance from the competency coordinator and the competency manager.
5)      Document training materials that are related to all systems owned by the Ed-tech department. Such as employment hub, LMS, CRM, SIS, and any new upcoming systems.
6)      Understand and know how to implement video recordings for various functions that are related to any of the Ed-tech systems.
7)      Implement/execute training for all power users and sometimes end-users (If needed) for the systems.
8)      Evaluate the power users/main trainees on the functionalities that they were trained on.
9)      Document all training and evaluations that are taking place in Microsoft teams when needed.
10)   Assist power users if they have not completely comprehended any functions through emails or Helprace support portal.
11)   Discuss all training, documentation, and evaluation sessions with the competency manager before conducting them and send emails copying the competency manager that tasks are accomplished and completed.
12)   Meet and work with other Ed-Tech members when needed.
13)   Cooperate to work on SOPS for specific system functionalities in the Ed-tech department.


1)      Should be well aligned with how all the systems are integrated together and how the workflow between them are connected.
2)      Read, understand, test and implement the systems’ functionalities and follow up on documentation of all the materials.
3)      Possess a general understanding of the Ed-tech team members’ positions so teamwork can be accomplished.
1)      Excellent command of English ( Written and Spoken )
2)      High Research skills
3)      Patient/ can work under pressure
4)      Multi-tasker
5)      Good at time management
6)      Excellent presentation skills
7)      Pays attention to details
8)      Good at using Microsoft office tools
9)      Confident while training / possess interactive training skills
10)   High documentation skills
11)   Excellent communication skills.

Job Details

Job Location
Amman, Jordan

Company Industry
Higher Education

Company Type
Employer (Private Sector)

Job Role
Training and Development

Employment Type
Full Time Employee

Monthly Salary Range

Number of Vacancies

Preferred Candidate

Career Level
Mid Career

Years of Experience
Min: 3

Bachelor’s degree / higher diploma


Business Administration or any related fields

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