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Food Security and Livelihoods Programme Manager – Madaba (short term) at Action Against Hunger – Action Contre La Faim (ACF) – Madaba

Action Against Hunger is an international non-governmental organization working in more than 40 countries in the fields of nutrition, food security and livelihoods, water sanitation and hygiene, and care practices. ACF is looking for its program in Jordan for Food Security and Livelihoods Programme Manager 
Work place:  Madaba, JORDAN and surrounding area; with travel to other Action Against Hunger sites
1: Contribute to deliberations on strategy and the positioning of the FSL Department
– Actively partake in ongoing, systematic, and thorough analysis of the humanitarian and development situation with respect to FSL and of the context of intervention;
-Disseminate internally information gathered and its analysis to the Field Coordinator, FSL HoD, and other staff as relevant
-Take part in the determination and realisation of FSL standalone and integrated strategy in Madaba, and contribute to programme strategy development at national level
-Set up projects in a manner consistent with the Action Against Hunger Charter, Action Against Hunger International strategic framework, policies and guidelines of FSL and other Action Against Hunger sectors of expertise, national strategic and other legal texts produced by ministers responsible for the FSL sector, and key international documents in the sector (SPHERE Standards, Core Humanitarian Standard, etc.)
-Ensure that the Madaba FSL team has a clear understanding of the aforementioned frameworks, guidelines, policies, and related documents
-Participate, as and when necessary, in the development of the FSL section of operational plans (emergency response, gender mainstreaming, etc.) for Madaba
-Promote integration of FSL concepts, approaches, interventions, or priorities with other Action Against Hunger sectors, in collaboration with the FSL HoD and Field Coordinator
-Research, promote, advance, and raise awareness around cross-cutting issues that affect FSL initiatives (HIV / AIDS, gender, environment, diversity and inclusion, etc.)
2: Identify needs and contribute to project design and development processes
-Identify humanitarian needs in the field of FSL and in Madaba, including the submission of reports pertaining to such matters
-Initiate and foster the meaningful participation of target populations and local actors in the identification of needs and approaches for responding to them
-Participate in defining FSL standalone and integrated projects
-Contribute to the drafting of the contextual and FSL-related sections of project proposals
3: Set up, implement, and report on FSL projects
-Implement the FSL programme in Madaba, taking into account the logical framework of the project(s), the budget, and the logistical and administrative procedures of Action Against Hunger and the related donor(s)
-Establish and maintain the quality of the projects established in conformity with the technical and project management standards of Action Against Hunger
-Become familiar with all dimensions of the FSL project(s) in Madaba: the issues involved, mainstreaming plans, the logical framework and indicators; retain printed copies of all contractual programmatic documents as per donor regulations and Action Against Hunger good practices; share all such information with team in Madaba to ensure inter-departmental understanding of and participation in project implementation
-Identify the technical constraints associated with project implementation; propose innovative technical solutions in response to such constraints
-Implement technical recommendations concerning FSL project(s) in Madaba as made by the FSL HoD, Technical Advisor at Headquarters, Experts, Evaluators, or other colleagues
-Supervise project implementation by means of internal Activity Progress Report (APR) monitoring tools, external donor reports, regular presence in the field, maintenance of an implementation timeline, and monthly review of the budget
-Maintain the profile of Action Against Hunger at all project sites while respecting donor visibility rules and commitments
-Work proactively to meet deadlines on FSL commitments, both internal and external, relating to project(s) in Madaba or country-wide FSL initiatives
-Identify and implement safety measures for both the FSL team and the wider population (at building sites, community-based sites, etc.)
-Lead by example as an active contributor to advancing Action Against Hunger’s gender mainstreaming efforts and gender equitable approach through the implementation of approved projects in Madaba
4: Contribute to the quality, accountability, and impact measurement process for FSL standalone and integrated programming in Madaba
-Promote and take part in the evaluation of the impact of FSL projects through a process proportionate to the scope of work (learning review, internal evaluation, external evaluation, impact evaluation, etc.)
-Promote and contribute to learning and improvement of quality (joint visits, research initiatives, lessons learnt exercises and reporting, etc.)
-Implement feedback and complaints procedures for ethics and transparency, particularly with the intent of ensuring participation of and organisational responsiveness to beneficiary populations
-Ensure that baseline and endline data is collected using methodologies relevant to project activities
5: Participate in the coordination, representation, and partnerships of Action Against Hunger
-Coordinate activities with other sectors and departments of Action Against Hunger in order to ensure rational and responsible use of resources and optimum integration
-Participate in visits by donors whenever requested by the Country Director, Deputy Country Director of Programmes, and / or the Field Coordinator
-Represent Action Against Hunger and ensure coordination with partners, authorities, United Nations agencies and civil society actors in Madaba, in collaboration with the Field Coordinator
-Contribute to the process of selecting partners and service providers, formalising partnerships and service agreements, and enhancing their capabilities (cooperatives, community-based organisations, local NGOs, international NGOs, national authorities, private agencies, etc.)
-Reinforce the FSL-related capabilities of partners
6: Supervise and manage the team
-Initiate and lead as recruiting manager the staffing of the FSL team in Madaba
-Manage the Madaba FSL team: provide leadership, monitoring, motivation; establish, follow, and encourage adherence to best practices in performance management
-Lead the development of team members to empower them with the skills necessary to demonstrate ownership of their role and associated responsibilities
7: Contribute to cultivating institutional knowledge, capturing lessons learnt, and technical development in FSL
-Capture lessons learnt from programme-related data, document the results of innovations or new implementation modalities tested, and create recommendations based on experience with project execution
-Disseminate the technical and operational expertise acquired in the course of programming
-Contribute to the upward transmission of data from the field so as to better inform Action Against

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