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Health Systems Strengthening Advisor at Blumont – Amman


Syria Essential Services II (SES II) is a $75m USAID-funded stabilization program working in Northeast Syria (NES). The program supports essential services, livelihoods, capacity development and governance, working with local authorities and civil society. As part of its governance and capacity development work, SES II works directly with the governing authorities in order to promote inclusive, transparent and accountable service delivery. SES II has worked in this way with local authorities in the health, education, finance, electricity, agriculture and water sector. 
SES II is a remote management project, delivered from Amman, Jordan and Erbil, Iraq.
SES II is now assisting local authorities in NES to respond to COVID-19. SES II is now planning to provide technical assistance and capacity development to health authorities in NES to strengthen their health systems, especially with respect to epidemic response and the specific response to the COVIID-19 outbreak. SES II is therefore seeking a Health Systems Strengthening (HSS) Advisor to provide this assistance, working under the supervision of the Director of Governance and Capacity Development.  
Essential Functions:
The HSS Advisor will provide technical assistance and capacity development to local authorities in NES in order to strengthen the quality of its COVID-19 response from a technical perspective.
On a day-to-day basis, the HSS Advisor will work with counterparts amongst local authorities as follows:
·         Providing coaching and technical assistance for the development of strategies, policies, procedures and systems related to COVID-19 response, including but not limited to policies for treatment, testing, prevention, risk communication and social mobilization, continuity of care and internal coordination and management of the response;
·         Providing coaching and technical assistance in the development of proposals and other requests for donor assistance for COVID-19 response;
·         Participating, where possible and by remote means, in planning and coordination meetings convened by local health authorities on COVID-19 response;
·         Designing brief training/coaching sessions for staff of local authorities to develop essential knowledge and skills for COVID-19 response, and delivering them directly or via SES II coordinators.
The HSS Advisor will work with SES II’s in-country coordinators, who will be embedded in the offices of the local health authorities.
Inputs provided by the HSS Advisor should be consistent with global and regional standards and guidelines for COVID-19 response. At the same time, the HSS Advisor should seek to make the final policies, procedures and systems developed with her/his assistance consistent with such guidelines. 
At the same time, the HSS Advisor will provide technical inputs in such a way as to support overall strengthening of the emerging public health system in NES, consistent with the World Health Organization’s framework for HSS (the ‘six building blocks’). More specifically, the HSS Advisor will use technical engagement in local authorities’ COVID-19 response to build understanding and identify opportunities for improvements to health system governance, finance, service, delivery, work force and access to essential medicines in order to improve public health, protect local populations from social and financial risk created by ill health, and make the public health system more responsive and more efficient.

·         Weekly report summarizing activities
·         Final report summarizing technical inputs and providing recommendations for longer-term health systems strengthening
Success Factors:

·         Excellent interpersonal skills, including patience, diplomacy, willingness to listen to and respect colleagues. Must be capable of working both individually and as part of a team.
·         Excellent organizational and time management skills.
·         Ability to work in a diverse work environment.
·         Demonstrated strong communication and problem-solving skills, results-oriented, flexible.
·         Create supportive working relationship among all program components.
·         Ability to work effectively in a fast-paced, stressful environment. Must be flexible, willing to perform other duties and work irregular hours.
Travel Requirements:
·         None
Physical Requirements:
·         None
Level of effort:
·         25 days of work, part time
·         To be delivered over two (2) months
·         Possibility of extension

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