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Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability and Learning (MEAL) Manager – IRBID at Action Against Hunger – Action Contre La Faim (ACF) – Irbid

Action Against Hunger is an international non-governmental organization working in more than 40 countries in the fields of nutrition, food security and livelihoods, water sanitation and hygiene, and care practices. ACF is looking for its program in Jordan for MEAL Manager
Specific Objectives  
1) Ensure that MEAL Strategy are in compliance with Action Against Hunger mission, strategy/standards and strategic initiatives and Lead on the design and rolling out of a MEAL Workplan for Irbid base
•Assisting the MEAL Head of Department (HoD), the MEAL Manager will contribute to the design of MEAL Strategy for the Jordan mission especially for Irbid base, taking into account the five-year Strategic Plan for the mission and relevant external sources (JRP, 3RP, Action Against Hunger MEAL Guidelines)
•Lead the implementation of the strategy two-year work plan base related activities.
•Endure that the MEAL activities are implemented within the strategy relevant standards, codes and principles within the humanitarian system, and within the Common Humanitarian Standards and Gender sensitive approach.
•Work with the Irbid base team to define and align the roles and responsibilities with the mission defined roles and responsibilities
•Be part of an organizational culture shift from a focus on data being primarily for donor reporting or indicator calculation purposes to using data for programmatic course correction and other decisions and increase understanding of MEAL components across the base
•Base level work-plan would be updated regularly. 
2)Human Resources – Supervise and build capacity of all staff
•Supervise and build capacity of respective MEAL staff at Irbid level
•Develop tailored training and communication materials for staff at different levels to increase understand of MEAL, and with ultimate aim of better quality programmes for beneficiaries
•Training of staff of tools and systems as needed (data gathering/analysis, interviewing techniques, following of methodology, monitoring tools) , or help identify other training facilitators to cover knowledge gaps
•Ensure independence but avoid creating unnecessary gaps between MEAL and programme staff
•Regular meetings with HoDs and programme staff at base level
•Support with revisions of JDs and organigram changes, and with recruitments as needed
•Provide a measurable development plan including on-the-job learning with the aim of strengthening technical capacity, exchanging knowledge within the team and providing guidance on career paths;
•Promote and monitor staff care and well-being. Model healthy work-life balance practices. Support appropriate interventions in response to identified staff care needs for staff;
•Adhere to and act in accordance with the Action Against Hunger HR Policies and Procedures, and communicates through word and example a high standard of compliance with all applicable policies and regulations.      
3)Contribute to the design of methodologies, tools and systems for the wider MEAL Department, including Information and Knowledge management
•Create/adapt the assessment, monitoring and evaluation tools to be used, including KAP surveys, base/mid/end-line surveys, impact assessments, and focus group discussions
•Design and monitor the implementation of the project MEAL Plans.
•Design methodology for assessments, monitoring and evaluation exercises
•Develop and help ensure accurate management of all program databases and tracking sheets, linking ODK/KOBO, Activity Info, Excel, and Action Against Hunger Activity Programme Report templates
•Help ensure external data, sources and reports are shared and understood by relevant staff
•To coordinate the implementation of the evaluations survey such baseline, annually survey mid and final term evaluation and case studies.
•Provide M&E technical assistance to program teams and inputs into particularly the set-up, implementation and close-out stages of program management, i.e. measurement methodologies, plans and tools, and data collection, quality assurance, management and analysis;
•Lead on data quality assurance, tracking, analysis, interpretation and reporting on indicator progress and achievements;
•Work with IM mission manager to develop and apply technology solutions to M&E efforts.   
4)Monitoring, Reporting and Analysis
•Conduct qualitative, quantitative and statistical analysis of the gathered monitoring data
•Analyze the information and write monitoring report.
•Spot checks on both activities and on the monitoring tools (quality assurance)
•Write regular MEAL and outcome assessment reports
•Report the progress of the work to the Field Coordinator
•Report possible problem or complaints during the activities
•Contribute to the overall monthly activities report.
•Contribute to Projects and beneficiaries data collection and reporting
•Regular reporting to the Field Coordinator and MEAL Head of Department
•Monthly reviews of Activity Project Reports
•Regular field visits to project sites
•Feeding in writing final donor report and ensure that MEAL part is reflected properly
5)Accountability – Develop an Accountability Framework, including Referral System and Complaints and Feedback Mechanism, as part of wider MEAL Strategy
•Support the MEAL HoD in the definition of the Accountability Framework
•Oversee and support the work of MEAL staff at the base.
•Ensure that  the feedback is adequately documented, addressed, analyzed, and utilized by program teams
•Support the feedback mechanism team to analyze the received communication and produce accountability reports.   
6)Learning – improving Quality through Lessons Learnt, Knowledge Management and Evaluations
•Help lead and active participation in Project Kick Off, Mid-Term and End of Project meetings
•Together with programmatic staff, ensure lessons are learnt ongoing and through more formal evaluations
•Help build a better Knowledge Management system on the mission
•Contribute to the MEAL Unit’s, and wider country program’s, programmatic and organizational learning efforts;
•Identify unmet needs related to MEAL in Irbid base and propose realistic actions to address those needs;            
7)Liaising with Finance, Logistics and Security
•Coordinate as needed with support department colleagues, including for any procurement and budget management
•Participate in BFU meetings as needed
•Comply with all security
•Participate in external meetings as needed, including working groups and referral meetings
•Build strong links with other organizations to get ideas and learn how to improve MEAL systems on Action Against Hunger mission
Undertake any other tasks related to MEAL assigned by MEAL HOD or Field Coordinator

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