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Rapid Response Program Manager at SOLIDARITES INTERNATIONAL – Amman

List of main tasks:

  • Project relevance, quality and design

Develop, revise and update needs assessment tools according to the specific context, the evolution of the humanitarian situation and affected people living conditions and threats.
Ensure that needs assessment data collection, treatment and analysis take into high consideration key cross-cutting issues such as Protection Mainstreaming. Gender, People with Specific Needs and Humanitarian Access.
Ensure that SI rapid response activities are tailored on needs-based intervention and the assistance delivered is timely, adequate, safe, and accessible/inclusive and effectiveness in terms of impact on people living conditions.
Ensure that the modalities of intervention match with key contextual requirements, humanitarian access constraints and respectful of the humanitarian principles, with a focus on the Do Not Harm.
Contribute to define SI rapid response strategy in NWS and contribute to the annual programming by proposing new activities.
Ensure the respect of SI procedures, cluster recommendations and international standards (Core Humanitarian Standards, Sphere Guidelines etc..) as well as donors’ qualitative requirements.
Develop SI rapid response strategy in the region by the promotion of new sectors of interventions, new geographical areas, alternative modalities of intervention as well as by the use of innovative and technological solutions to improve the quality and the effectiveness of the impact of delivered assistance.
Ensure that activities monitoring and reporting respect SI and donor’s requirements and deadlines, in collaboration with the field coordinator, the MEAL team, the Country Programs department.
Contribute to the development and elaboration of new proposals for the targeted area of intervention.
Contribute to SI country strategy development and to the lessons learnt and capitalization exercises.

  • Needs Assessment and Rapid Response management

Ensure planning and implementation of needs assessments and rapid response activities.
Ensure primary and secondary data collection, treatment and analysis in close collaboration with PM, MEAL team and the coordination mechanism.
Ensure that rapid response activities are designed on needs-based evidence and the modalities of intervention are adapted to the context to ensure a safe, rapid, inclusive and adequate assistance to targeted communities;
Ensure that beneficiaries targeting criteria match with local vulnerabilities and priorities as well as they respect the humanitarian principles, international and cluster standards and the Do Not Harm.
Ensure adequate and timely communication and coordination with local authorities and targeted communities to ensure that SI needs analysis, targeting and activities are well understood and accepted.
Anticipate programs and support resources requested for a smooth and rapid response in targeted locations by punctual report of needs to the field coordinator, in accordance with SI internal deadlines.
Anticipate any issues linked to carrying out the rapid response activities and help to resolve any problems related to.
Ensure the monitoring and reporting on activities in accordance with SI internal procedures, deadlines and templates as well as donors’ requirements.
Ensure that the Shelter/NFI and WASH rapid response is delivered in accordance with SI technical standards, clusters technical requirements and donors’ recommendations.
Ensure that planned and implemented activities all along the program management cycle (needs assessment, design of the response, implementation, monitoring, reporting and evaluation) take into high consideration the key cross-cutting commitments in the matter of Protection Mainstreaming, Gender, People with Specific Needs and Accountability to affected people.
          Use the capitalization tools proposed by Solidarites International,
          Participate in the centralization and distribution of procedures, guides and tools linked to the RR activities
          Capitalize on intervention methods and technics and on the experiences acquired by Solidarites International and other participants in the RR activities,
          Write handover report before the end of contract and send it to the appropriate counter parts in mission and HQ.

  • Personnel management   

         Participate in validating the hiring of national technical staff for activities.
         Define the prerequisites for opened rapid response positions together with the         administrative department; adapt existing job descriptions if required.
         Greet and brief the other PM working on the program.
         Identify and pass on any training needs for rapid response teams
         Set up technical training depending on rapid response operational needs and identified training requirements.
         Manage and support the team under his/her responsibility.
         Lead work groups and thematic meetings.
         Evaluate and assess the performance of colleagues under his/her direct supervision.
         Ensure adherence to security regulations by personnel under his/her supervision.

  • Reporting / communication / representation

Pass upward to the relevant persons any information on the security situation or on any event that could impact Solidarités activities and the safety of the teams.
Draft rapid response activities reports and any annexes relating to specific activities for the financial donor reports and/or amendments.
Ensure that all reports are delivered on time and in the correct format.
Ensure internal communication, coordination and collaboration with the overall team in North West. Ensure inter-sectorial efforts by close coordination with the WASH team.
Maintain a local operational communications network and good relations with local and government authorities, financial donor representatives, UN agencies and other international agencies.
In his/her assignment area, represent Solidarités International’s at meetings or forums concerning rapid response activities.
Represent the organization when asked and/or delegated to do so.
Reply to the country office and headquarter information requests regarding specific needs
In close collaboration with the field coordinator and country office programs and support departments, contribute to the elaboration of the administrative documents (MOU, handover, etc.) to be jointly signed with government authorities, communities or partners.

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