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Sponsorship Transfer without Kafeel’s Approval if not paid over 3 months

Sponsorship Transfer without Kafeel’s Approval if not paid over 3 months : Governments since ages have been providing workers with laws which will provide the common workers from their employers. The first major innovation or step for the protection of workers occurred when wage protection system was implemented. This was done so that employers cannot take advantage of their employees and offer them a ridiculously low rate of pay and would often terminate their employment if they would refuse to work on that rate.  In Saudi Arabia, there is a Labor Ministry to take care of all issues related to workers, their pay and their rights.

In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Ministry of Labor has recently launched their ninth phase of the major Wage Protection Scheme initiated by them. The new phase of the Wage Protection Scheme has been aimed to protect the salaries of about 405,590 workers employed in 3,595 private companies which have an employee roster of above 100 people. The Labor Ministry of Saudi Arabia has been committed to their vision of implementing this program in all of the private sector businesses and establishments in order to ensure that their employers will be paid on time. The statement was made by the undersecretary for inspection and development of work environment, Abdullah Abu Thnain.  He stated that this new scheme by the ministry of Labor will be effective in decreasing the number of problems faced by workers and the businesses and establishments.

If any private sector company or business has been found in violation of the rule on salaries, the company will be fined a sum of SAR 3,000 and those who consider this a petty fine; this is the amount per employee and will keep multiplying in accordance to the number of employees in the company who have not been paid. He also added that the services will be put to a halt for those establishments and businesses that will not provide the Labor ministry with details or data about the wages of their workers for every 2 months commencing from the date of implementation of this ninth phase of the Wage Protection Scheme.

If any private sector business puts any kind of delay on the payment of the worker’s salaries for a period of more than three months, then their services will be halted and the workers will also be allowed to seek employment in other businesses and companies with or without the consent and agreement of the employer that has delayed their payment.

Undersecretary Thnain has called on the businesses and companies to send over their wage reports via the account of the respective businesses and establishments on the Labor Ministry’s official website (www. mol. On the official site businesses and establishments will also be able to review the schedule of the program.

Source: Arab News

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