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Staff Health Officer at The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) – Amman

Staff Health Officer is the focal point for all matters relating to the health of ICRC staff in the delegation. In line with ICRC staff health strategy and in collaboration with medical personnel on the spot, s/he promotes and maintains the physical and mental health of ICRC staff. S/He implements the staff health strategy in seven identified domains: 1. Staff health policy; 2. Prevention; 3. Health care and medical emergencies; 4. Stress management and crisis situations; 5. Health insurances; 6. Management of medical information; 7. Monitoring, assessment and feedback.

  • At internal level, interacts within the delegation 
  • At regional level, interacts with the Regional staff health coordinator or directly if no regional coordinator is nominated.
  • At external level, maintains working relations with clinics/hospitals in reference to staff health.

 ACCOUNTABILITIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES/Staff Health Focal Point(80% activity rate)
The Staff Health Doctor is the focal point for all matters related to the health of ICRC staff (both, mobile and resident) in the Delegation. In line with ICRC staff health policies and in collaboration with the Regional Staff Health Coordinator, s/he promotes and maintains the physical and mental health of the ICRC staff.
      i.        Prevention

  • Makes a context- specific health risks assessment.
  • Carries out context-specific health briefing for all new ICRC staff and debriefing for departing staff.
  • Ensure that vaccinations of ICRC staff are complete as determined in the staff health policy and depending on the local available vaccines.
  • Counsels for medical screening at recruitment and for specific professional categories.
  • Supervises the medical kits (first aid, field trip, etc.)

–         Implements and manages prevention program if available.
–         First-aid trainings for staff on regular basis with the assistance of the national society.
      ii.        Clinical Care and Emergencies
–         Assesses referral facilities for ICRC staff.
–         Identifies national reference structures for vertical health programs.
–         Identifies vaccination centers.
–         Integrates the Medical Contingency Plan in the overall contingency plan of the delegation.
      iii.        Case Management, Medical Evacuation and repatriation, 24/7 Medical Hotline
–       Keeps strict medical confidentiality: all individual health information of ICRC staff is strictly confidential. Upon agreement of the concerned person, it may be shared among medical staff bound by the same medical confidentiality.
–         Identifies referent medical staff and health care facilities for individual health care for all staff.
–         Applies standard ICRC guidelines as established  in case of medical evacuation, illness and accident, accidental exposure 
–         Provides individual medical follow-up for ICRC staff when advice is sought.
–         Liaises with the delegates regarding staff health concerns if relevant.
     iv.        Stress Management
–         Ensures support in the implementation of the institutional stress policy.
–         Organizes peer support sessions in case of critical incidents.
–         Performs primary evaluation of needs for extraction 
–         Ensures all staff is informed the policies and procedures regarding harassment at the workplace and offer medical support if needed.
      v.        Medical insurance
–         Case management for all staff is handled according to relevant ICRC procedures.
–         Administrative accounting tasks related to staff health/insurance are performed confidentially
   vi.        Medical Information
–         Creates confidential database/patient file in the delegation.
–         Collects data on staff health as per procedures established 
    vii.        Monitoring and Evaluation
–         Collects general medical data.
–         Produces a trimestral report.
–         Monitors client satisfaction and implement relevant improvements.
ADDITIONAL DUTIES/HR assistant (20% activity rate)
• Provides general secretarial and administrative support (updating staff files, handling registration and filing, etc.).
• Provides administrative follow-up for training activities.
• May assist local or regional learning and development staff with administrative work.

  • Understands and adheres to the seven Fundamental Principles of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement
  • Understands and adheres to the ICRC Code of Conduct
  • Understands the roles of the components of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement
  • Respects and observes staff regulations and security rules at all times
  • Represents the ICRC in a professional manner at all times
  • Develops and maintains a pleasant and conducive working environment with colleagues and line managers
  • Performs all duties with the highest level of confidentiality in the interest of the employees and the ICRC
  • May be asked to perform tasks not covered in this job description and to provide support to other departments when necessary

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