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Third Party Inspection for Crushers and Sifters at DAI – Amman

This Scope of Work is for the third-party inspection of potential jaw crushers, impact crushers and shifters for municipalities in Libya.


The Libya Local Governance and Civil Society (LGCS) Program, locally known as the Taqarib Project, is a 4-year activity that aims to strengthen the foundations for a more unified Libyan state. To do this, Taqarib will empower local governments, reinforce community bonds, promote citizen engagement in public dialogue, and prioritize public resources allocations. The program will also link enhancement to service delivery at the municipal level with rational efforts to improve the execution of decentralization policy and to further evidence- based reforms.

The Taqarib Project is considering the potential procurement of used impact crushers, jaw crushers and sifters to assist the municipalities in how best to remove, reuse and recycle the number of buildings that have been damage by armed conflict in Libya. The project has identified several used pieces of equipment that can rapidly be mobilized and shipped to Libya to respond to the demand to clear and reclaim the land with the municipalities. It is widely known that up to 80% of the materials from the destroyed building can be reused or repurposed by the municipalities for gravel, sand, fill materials, road base and other materials can be recycled for revenue. This equipment could immediately be put back to use in the reconstruction of Libya. The equipment that has been identified is reported to be in good working order, but a third-party inspection is mandatory prior to requesting USAID for a waiver to purchased used equipment. The following parts shall be inspected for good working order, and to ensure that the investment can immediately be placed on a job site and start the process of crushing and reuse of materials.
1. Inspection Requirements Include but not limited the following:
o Impact Crusher, Jaw Crushers and Sifters
o Engine and Transmission
o Dust Suppression System
o Rotors
o Feed Openings
o Frame and Box
o Blow Bars
o Impact Apron
o Drivers and Belt
Inspection will be in terms of conditions, year, number of working hours, level of use, and validation of movement and start up

Availability of Technical Manuals and Maintenance Manuals:
The Taqarib Project would like to ensure that original technical manuals, maintenance manuals and service records are available for each potential piece of equipment. If possible, finding the manuals in both English and Arabic would be critical for training new operators of this equipment. Service records and maintenance records should be reviewed for major services per the manufacture’s recommendations.

Final Reports:
The third-party inspector shall provide the following reports:
Condition report Impact Crusher
Condition report Jaw Crusher
Condition report Sifter
Availability of Spare Parts, Logistical Supply Line
Over all Useful Life Estimate

The third-party inspection shall provide DAI and the Taqarib Project with a final report as outlined above with a recommendation to purchase or not purchase on each of the above items. There are more than one of each item available at the current time. Review of at least two of each type is highly recommended with a final overall recommendation of best use is required. More details will be provided to the selected candidate as how the inspection to be done
· Individual must be in Jordan
· Individual’s CV must show demonstrated relevant experience conducting inspections/appraisals of used equipment
· Prior experience conducting inspections/appraisals of used equipment under USAID funding is strongly preferred
· Individual must show proof of status as a USAID-certified inspector
Qualified individuals should submit their CV by the deadline of Monday August 10, 2020.

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